No! Instagram is not a blog.


Some brands refer to “Instagrammers” as Bloggers and I strongly disagree with that ! Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram and it is my number one social media channel. There are so many influencers in Lebanon who have created a brand just from their IG accounts, they have thousands of followers, all they do is posting their looks and generate incomes based on that Instagram account.

Blogs, by their nature, offer a point of view and have a voice. When you consider all the time and energy a blog consumes, I don’t see how it could be considered the same! You can only get visual inspiration on Instagram, but on blogs you can get so much more.

So, is blogging dead? Not even a little bit

Tasty Campaign!


Just saw today the cool campaign for the iconic brand and my favorite beverage Coca Cola on a few billboards, entitled  “Taste the feeling”. I loved it ! A tasty campaign that uses universal storytelling and everyday moments to connect with consumers around the world with vintage americana imagery along with the Coca Cola color codes.  Amazing pictures shot by noted fashion photographers Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci. Too Bad the Coke is not available in many restaurants in Lebanon.






20 confessions of a blogger!


When I started blogging years ago, I went through many stages that I learned a lot from. I blog because I like it and I try to have always something unique to discuss with my readers…

Here are my blogger confessions, maybe it helps you all to know me better:

  1. Photos that make it to my blog are selected from about 80 photos
  2. I am an introvert, it is easier for me to build relationships behind the screen
  3. I google words to make sure I am spelling them right
  4. Some good post ideas come to me while stuck in traffic
  5. I love what I do & I am not getting paid for blogging (unless it is a sponsored post)
  6. I hate critical comments, unless they are constructive
  7. It causes me stress if I ever run out of ideas
  8. My life is so busy and my office space is a mess
  9. I’m always thinking about what to write next
  10. I am lately obsessed about my google analytics
  11. I don’t run my blog as if it was my business
  12. My blog is my home, I say whatever I want
  13. There is always a grammar mistake, a misused or missing comma in every post
  14. I don’t read every blog out there
  15. “ I want to be a blogger so I can get free stuff” is bullshit, nothing is for free
  16. I have very few bloggers friends
  17. My blog inspired many other bloggers and that makes me happy
  18. My first name is Youssef but I don’t mind when you call me Joe’s Box
  19. I wish I was more committed to my blog
  20. I can’t use any nice product until I have taken 10 photos of it

If you are are a blogger, I would love it  if you do a confessions post as well.

Well that’s all I have for today!

Roadster Diner is in an identity crisis


Roadster Diner, considered one of the strongest brands in Lebanon, is in an identity crisis. How RD lovers described the New RD wasn’t what the management hoped for when they revealed the new concept.  It is a challenging time for the brand, how are they going to spark back the love with those who feel heart broken?

When I first visited the new space I loved it: casual, inviting, relaxed and cozy… but I didn’t like the new logo (You can read my review here) and was waiting to test the new menu.

After a month from launching it, I got an invitation to try it.
So I went yesterday with My Friend and Colleague Maya to test it. When inside, our friendly waiter freaked out when he saw my camera, like I was holding a gun… It was funny…

Checking out the menu to order my food; the cover is thumbs down, but the inside pages are clean and the pictures are mouthwatering…


DSC_4333We ordered:

Red Rocket Carpese: Fresh green salad topped with char-grilled chicken tendered and fresh Mozzarella

DSC_4337Mad Dawg: hot-dog with char-grilled prime Angus beef, melted cheddar cheese, just delicious you guys have to try it !

DSC_4340Maya ordered Swiss Truffle Burger: She says it’s heavenly but wanted the Angus beef medium rare. Unfortunately all their burgers have to be well done says management…

DSC_4344I personally can’t end a meal without a dessert, so we have ordered the big pancakes stack very similar to my favorite double chocolate cake.The batter doesn’t have much sugar as the sweetness of chocolate ganache was enough. HEAVEN!!!! You can’t eat it alone so make sure to share the calories with everyone around the table.


The food and atmosphere are the most important things for me in a restaurant. The new tasty and innovative menu and look will help the brand recruit new customers and satisfy the cravings and warm back the hearts of existing ones.