#FashionBox: Casual Friday



I often wear suits without a tie – work or a break in the city. I like this style because it’s sharp but not stuffy. On a Friday night it’s not unusual for me to be at an event, so I often will wear something similar. I like to be a bit unique in this category. Throwing sneakers into the mix is my popular way to dress down a suit. In My opinion sneakers can make a great contrast against a suit.

Hope you will enjoy my look
















I’m Wearing
Full Outfit: Cortefiel
CORTEFIEL -Down Town- Beirut -TeL: +961-1-884-770 ext.: 347
Photos: Souzana Baradie from Bubblgumfashionface
Location : Le Gray Beirut

Customer service in Lebanon Sucks!



Customer service is not what it used to be and not what it should be.
Some blame it on the economic situation in Lebanon: companies are hiring part time staff without training them. Others say that good employees have left the country for better opportunities.
I blame it on the new working generation. Employees today are lacking in professional workplace behaviors and motivation. They are wasting their times in different establishments just to earn some money. I worked in retail for 7 years while in college and I definitely think customer service has gotten worse over the years. I personally have had several horrible experiences from good companies in Lebanon:  banks, retail shops, malls…

Here are some annoying examples that you as employee should amend:

  • Leave your drama home, I don’t want to hear about your problems. Help me find what I want instead.
  • Never answer me with no, your job is to find an alternative and solve my problem.
  • Don’t answer my question with I don’t know- you have to know your product or service inside out, or at least go inquire.
  • Do not stand behind me when I am looking at a product. It’s creepy.
  • Don’t ever call me “ Habibi”.
  • Don’t ask me 10 times is everything ok, don’t worry I will tell you if otherwise.
  • Sorry there is nothing I can do – these words make me crazy.
  • Don’t sayYou’re the first person to complain about this”  I am a picky customer, deal with it.
  • Keep your phone inside your pocket no need to snap this.
  • Don’t be defensive.
  • If it is that obvious that you don’t like your job, why don’t you quit?

I know some customers are a pain in the ass, but a customer is always king; even if he/she might be wrong, retailers should never tell them so. Never.

12 gifts ideas for your DAD


Father’s Day is almost here. Sure, you could just pick him just any gift. But why not get him something unique this year? To help you, I’ve visited some cool shops in Beirut and put together this list of suggestions that I am sure can inspire you so you get him something that he’ll really love.

Here are some Father’s day gift ideas for every kind of dad

1-Illy Coffee machine


Let him Enjoy unparalleled Italian espresso and cappuccino with this beautifully-designed Francis Francis X7.1 iperEspresso machine , the capsule system that lets him prepare café-quality espresso at home with the touch of a button.

Illy Shop| 948 Foch St., Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon Tel: +961-1-984500 | +961-3-978510

2-JAUNE Shirt


A classic shirt is a must have in any men wardrobe and it looks effortlessly stylish on pretty much everyone?  Get one. Get multiples if you can from the new JAUNE collection

JAUNE| ABC Achrafieh  L0 | Tel: +961-1- 211121

3-LK blazer


In my opinion every man should own at least one designer piece in his wardrobe so why not from a Lebanon-based label?
I’d definitely recommend LK man if you’re looking for something special and unique for him.

Lara Khoury| Beirut – Gemmayze| Tel: +961-1- 443426

4-Wine Bottle

5 Wines

Tempt Dad’s palate with a bottle of fine Lebanese wine, whether he prefers rich reds, refreshing whites or crisp rosés. Here are my favorites

5-Wine Bag


Give that wine bottle gift a personal touch with Papelon- available exclusively at The Oddfish, why not this cool hat as well?

6-Lego Cufflinks


Everyone is a kid at heart.That’s why your dad would love a set of lego cufflinks to wear to the office.

The OddFish| Beirut – Port Street | Tel: +961 1 566 302

7-Kusmi Tea Box


All tea lovers will appreciate Kusmi Tea.  This collection brings together 15 mini tins in an elegant case, perfect for trying Kusmi’s famous blends.For tea preparation, The Collection also includes a box of 100 paper filters as well as a Kusmi Tea engraved teaspoon.

Kusmi Tea| ABC Achrafieh | Tel: +961 1 322066

8-The Do It All Dad Kitkiels

Kiehl’s Ultimate collection of grooming essentials has it all: energizing, hydrating, and smoothing formulas to rev-up his skin for smooth sailing.  Facial Fuel collection, spiked with Caffeine, leaves facial skin feeling energized. Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream , and Creme de Corps provides head to toe hydration.

kiehls| ABC Achrafieh | Tel +961 1 212888 Ext: 1067

9-Oceanic Expedition  by Issey MiyakeLeau-dissey-ph-ocean-exped

I guess every man should get this perfume! Very citrus and fresh with a lot of especially grapefruit and ginger going on.  is one of my top favorite summer fragrances

C&F | Beirut | Tel: 04 713 796

10- D.A.T.E Sneakers


There’s no denying that sneakers are absolutely huge these days! White has been always  my favorite, and these catches my attention; Low Sneakers in nappa leather color white. Fluorescent gray textile side band. Blue leather back inset. Available exclusively at ForeandAft. Make sure to style them with cool socks!

ForeandAft | Beirut – Pharaon Street | Tel: +961 70 346 758

11-Swim Short17993


Find the perfect gift for him with the curated selection of Orlebar Brown shorts- Avaialable exclusively at the Pop Up Concepts

The Pop Up Concepts | Achrafieh | Tel: +961 3 006 622

12- Shaving Bowl and Soapshaving

Gentlemen’s Hardware charming enamel shaving bowl has a boat design and includes a sandalwood-scented shaving soap with logo.

Décalé // concept store | Achrafieh, Furn El Hayeck Street | Tel: + 961 1 204 401