Monday, July 6, 2015

Fire your bad Client

I am sure every small business, or a freelancer has faced a problem with an annoying client. These clients can demotivate you, drain your energy and can keep you from enjoying your job. The best way is to fire them.
Here are just some types of bad clients I have met so far...

The Complainer: You deliver on time, and what you promised, and much more...but they always seem to find something wrong.

The Guru: Clients hire you for your expertise and knowledge, but some think they know it all so they insist on doing things their way, and then complain when they don’t get the results! This is so frustrating,and it kills all my creativity.

Bad Payer: The number of clients who just don’t pay their bills pisses me off and disturb my cash flow.

Time wasters:  Not ready to cooperate & aren't willing to listen to your advice, These constantly assume more of your time without providing anything in return.

Once you’ve cleared out the toxic clients, you’ll find yourself with more energy to devote to the clients you want to be working with."

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fashionbox: PITTI PICKS by Maya Metni

As promised, we said we’ll share our insights on the Pitti exhibitors that caught our eye...
Here goes in no particular order:

Antimonelli Shoes: 

Now that’s what “Classic with a twist” is all about! A modern take on oxfords, derbys, brogues.. Mixed with new materials and soles. 

Beachboy clothing: 

A very Nordic minimal and graphic take on basics

Guido Di Riccio: 

Beautiful mostly handmade collection with refreshing colors, soft materials and limited numbered pieces. Check out their website Here

Jey Coleman: 

Here we loved the display, a mix between personal objects and wardrobe items for a very personal look. Check out their website Here

Kyme Sunglasses:

St Paul Clothing from Belgium, original prints and nice palettes:

Wally Walker soft suede shoes, with a really cool team:

And because no Pitti post is complete without its bouquet of inspiring picts, I leave you with the most excentric one: That’s Pitti Colori!!

Pictures by Joe's Box

This week's guest is Maya Metni  from whom I really enjoy working with. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My June in pictures.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

#FashionBox: My Visit To Pitti Uomo.

Last week I attended Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy, which is the largest fashion event dedicated to men's fashion in Europe. Pitti Uomo is able to pick up all the signals of new moods in fashion and then present them with new and amazing projects.
Pitti Uomo is reinforcing its role as the global platform for major names and international fashion groups that choose florence as the place to launch new projects and take new steps in their development.
The Theme for the summer was That's Pitti Color, with an amazing set designed  by Olivero Baladini, The Fortezza Da Basso Welcomed visitors to a kaleidoscopic experience of installations...

I will leave you now with some photos I took outside the fair, Next week My colleague and friend Maya will post about brands that caught our attentions inside the fair stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I am curious!

Apparently Aishti is building a new art foundation next to their shop in Antelias Beirut! I pass by on a daily basis and I am very curious to know more about this place and what It has to offer. I am sure this foundation will help the brand, and will become a must see stop for all travelers visiting beirut, and of course fashion and art enthusiasts

What I would like to see in this Foundation:

1- A Museum dedicated to the Lebanese artists, highliting the Lebanese Art History
2- Art Center: Encouraging Art and Creativity in Lebanon
3- International Exhibition Center to host Art, Musical, Fashion, Photography  Exhibitions
4- Fashion Museum: where you can discover a collection of historic pieces, and designer stories
5- Musical Programs
6- Art and Design Bookstore.

What about you, are you curious?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The original Martyrs Square Statue.

As I'm scrolling through, this picture catches my attention;  Titled: Martyrs Square Beirut. I have never seen this statue before so i asked my friend Maya about it, cause i remember once  we were wandering near the actual square, she mentioned the previous statue, two women standing face to face.
And of course I asked my other friend, google, and here is the article I found:

[...]It was not until 1930 that the first memorial to the hanged martyrs was unveiled on Sahat al-Burj/Martyr Square in busy downtown Beirut. Yussef Hoyek’s statue represented two women--sartorially identifiable as Muslim and Christian--facing each other over an urn. By purporting to contain “the ashes of both Muslim and Christian martyrs,” Volk argues, “one nation was created ... in Lebanon’s first piece of national art” (pp. 55, 59) Soon, however, discontent was voiced over the date of the commemoration. Nationalists of all stripes rallied against the French authorities who had self-servingly scheduled the official ceremony on September 2, the first day of colonial rule in 1920. But once the date had been moved to May 6, the day on which twenty-one of the martyrs were killed in 1916, the monument itself became highly contested.[...] Read more here 

Maya told me there was another article in Civil Rights magazine, that she will share with us after diving into her archive! Let us all pray ;-)

Found Also This interesting Article on Blog Baladi Check it out!