Put your seat belt MEA Copycat Air France

It’s always fun to see the same idea used for competitors: I immediately had a feeling of deja-vu when I saw the MEA safety instructions video, because I was really impressed last summer when I saw the Airfrance one.
In my opinion The MEA one lacks originality and it is too long ( I didn’t watch it all)… Plus my colleague, the art director Maya Metni had a stroke when she saw the caps worn backwards on the dancers !!!
Now we are landing to the copycat land ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget to clap your hands!!!

I amsterdam!


Amsterdam is the most adorable place I have ever been, when I went a month ago, I couldn’t get over how picture perfect this city was! Amsterdam has gotten a bit of a bad reputation but there is more to Amsterdam than beer, drugs & sex! You can’t walk a kilometer without bumping into a masterpiece.. Amsterdam is my kind of place, it has everything I love, Freedom, Food, Friendly people, Art, Design and cycling is a way of life here!

Enjoy some pictures.




































Unstoppable Sia Rocking Byblos Festival!

Tuesday night I watched Sia’s byblos performance and I was absolutely stunned by her incredible vocals and show. Along with Sia’s vocals, I was really impressed by the creative performance of the scenes and how she translates experiences into the stage and songs.

The facial expressions of her dancers kept us glued to the giant screens. The live performance on stage was a sync duplicate but we were more attracted by the screens than the stage. A special shout-out must be given to Maddie Ziegler, but definitely not for Byblos Festival organizers!

I Love Instagram Stories



Last spring I started using Snapchat: because I am in the social media field, I should stay updated and test all the platforms.
The hardest part of it was to build an audience because the only way to add people is to do it directly through their username or Snapcode – Very complicated!
That’s why I was so excited to try the new Instagram stories! Lets be clear here, Instagram basically copied the entire concept of snapchat. However, they took that confusing snapchat interface and made it user-friendly to the masses, with a number of improvements that make it far more enjoyable. ”Good artist copy, great artists steal” 😉

Here’s why i love it:
1-Great quality: The quality of pictures and videos is way better than snapchat
2-Nice interface: is very well executed. Animations are smooth, the interface makes more sense and it’s all-around easier to use.
3-Making of: You can go behind the lenses of these great photographers
4-Info: I can now see who views my Stories but never liked my pictures!
5-Stalking back :-): I can see everyone’s stories without following them
6-Direct Com: It is a great way to communicate with everyone, I’ve never used insta DM but now I am hitting that send message buton frequently
7-Spot on: It is so easy to search for people or brands to follow
8-Once you’re viewing a story, you can tap to go back and forward ( My Fav)
9-Swipe from here: It is easy to skip boring stories: swipe to jump to another
10-Content from my camera roll : Instagram stories allows you to upload content created within the last 24hrs from your smartphone!!
11-Beat the algorithm: updates are instantly visible, cool, especially for brands
12-Artsy: Instagram is the house of artists and for me the crowd here is so interesting
13-My Instagram Stories are watched much more than my Snap Stories!

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