My collaboration with Waste Studio & 15% Off for you!

If you ever visited Beirut, you saw definitely fashionable people carrying these really cool, unique  bags. Those bags are by the Lebanese startup Waste Studio. I do love sharing things I think are special on my blog, Waste studio is one of them!

After their first design statement in the face of adversity, “Kees el Dekkaneh” AKA “The Grocery Bag” a trendy, practical, multi-functional and everlasting tote bag. Waleed, Souad, Marc and their team have developed additional products. bags, wallets, accessories… Every statement piece of the WASTE studio collection is: Sustainable, Stylish, Unique.

Discover all the new collection Here and get your new piece from their pop up store in ABC Achrafieh l2 and get 15% off, just by telling them you have read about the company here on my blog.

Waste Studio will be present in different fairs in Europe, first stop is Pitti Uomo, the landmark trade fair for men’s fashion in Firenze. All the luck to the team!!

Waste studio SS 17 collection, combining new materials, innovative design and lightweight structures.Grab yours now from ABC Achrafieh L2!

Posted by Waste Studio on Tuesday, May 9, 2017


-Shoot concept & art direction: Maya Metni Koteit
-Photography: Imad el Khoury
-Videographer: Charbel Nakhlé
-Editing: Dani Baradie

B-Qa elegant middle wine range.

Back in 2005, the two brothers Karim and Sandro Saade decided to start their own wine adventure by creating Chateau Marsyas village of Kefraya, in West Bekaa. Talented winemakers, vineyard experts and an excellent storyteller came together to create Chateau Marsyas one of my favorite Lebanese wine an innovative and truly superb wine brand.

Besides its premium and renowed wine “Chateau Marsyas”, the winery launched in 2015 “BQa de Marsyas ” its second wine made according to the same philosophy and attention to detail is its “elder brother”. I was invited to discover this new wine at the launching in 2015 as I am a big fan of this well established estate. According to Sandro Saade the difference between both wines comes from the selection of parcels in the domain keeping the oldest vines for the production of Chateau Marsyas Grand Vin while the younger vines go to B-Qa de Marsyas. Blending finesse and minerality, Bqa de Marsyas is defined by rounded tannins created by 8 month gentle barrel aging.

B-Qā de Marsyas positions itself on the middle wine range segment and remains the expression of its own terroir. The wine has a beautiful presentation, rich, delicate and smooth with hints of red berries that contains cabernet sauvignon, syrah and mourvedre. On the pallet the wine is elegant and round with well integrated tannins yet smooth and chalky. 

B-Qā de Marsyas is a really good balanced wine reminds me of its bigger brother, so satisfying to drink.. I also had some echoes about the imminent launching of the BQa white vintage to be available soon.
Next time you are in the supermarket picking a new bottle of wine make sure to take Bqa with you

Could Mastodon be the twitter killer?

 I just started using the new social network, Mastodon. No I don’t need another social media platform, but there’s quite a buzz about it so I wanted to try it.

Mastodon Is a new social media platform, it was created by 24-year-old Eugene Rochko of Germany. He named it after the band, not the extinct species, “I brought all my friends to Twitter back in the day,” says Rochko, 24. “I kept promoting it to everybody I knew. I really loved the service. But it continuously made decisions that I didn’t like. So in the end I decided that maybe Twitter itself is not the way to go forward.” Rochko envisioned something more like email, or RSS: you send public messages to anyone who follows you on the service. Anyone can create a server and host their own instance of Mastodon, and Mastodon works in the background to connect them.

The interface is separated into columns that stream your notifications and the timeline of people you follow,  just like tweetdeck. To log in, picked an instance of Mastodon off this list and set up an account. Now you can  share posts or “Toots” and follow other users just like twitter, but each “toot” allows for up to 500 characters versus 140 of twitter. A retweet is a “boost,” and a like is a “favourite.” Mastodon also includes a “content warning” feature, which you can use to hide content with a click-through requirement.

Currently, Mastodon is ad-free and open-source. It also outlines a very clear set of rules for its users: “racism or advocation of racism, sexism or advocation of sexism, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities (and) xenophobic and/or violent nationalism” is strictly banned. At present there are  Android app for Mastodon and one for iOS. Make sure to follow me Here

So Could Mastodon be the twitter killer? Or could it become the next Google+!? Time will tell the story


The Nokia 3310 is Here! But I am not interested.

Retro is back in vogue, so is the NOKIA 3310!
The whole world has been cheering about its arrival including my Lebanese friends, and the returns of snake! But I will definitely miss out.
Going retro in technology means turning back time and I am very happy and lucky living NOW in the social media era. Like many of you I don’t use a phone for phone calls but for apps, music, snapping pictures and videos, and all these can’t be done with the NOKIA 3310
So what is the fuss all about? Are you looking forward to Sharp re-releasing a new black and white television?