#FashionBox: Spring Break!


I was looking forward to a break outside Lebanon after a hectic month, working from one project to the other!
Unfortunately for me, my visa application has been delayed  so I postponed my trip, and took a small break in Beirut instead, in a contemporary luxury hotel as stylish as the city itself: Le Gray . Luckily, this beautiful spring weather was just perfect to pull off this floral shirt outfit, paired my white chino and these fantastic sneakers. I hope you enjoy this spring look by Cortefiel!
Looking forward to my summer break very soon #LawChouMasar
I’m Wearing
Shirt: Cortefiel
Chino: Cortefiel
Sneakers: Cortefiel
Sunglasses: Mr. Boho
CORTEFIEL -Down Town- Beirut -TeL: +961-1-884-770 ext.: 347
Photos: Souzana Baradie from Bubblgumfashionface
Location : Le Gray-Cherry on the Rooftop.  At sunset the Pool Lounge puts on the evening attire and gets ready to join Beirut’s nightlife.Aimed at attracting a young and stylish crowd, Cherry on the Rooftop is a lounge-bar with plenty of comfortable red and white couches, superb innovative cocktails, sharing platters and light bites and wonderful music!
Throw Back Thursday – Barcelona!

I don’t know what took me so long to visit this amazing city. Barcelona is a combination of culture, architecture, art, great food, lots of Sangria. People there are so welcoming and helpful, all that made my trip an amazing experience & will definitely be back.

Video Taken on the go with my Iphone and GoPro

How to spot fake Instagram followers



I’ve wanted to cover this topic on the blog for long time,  I researched into some of the so-called Lebanese influential and I was astonished by the fake numbers of followers they have. They buy Instagram followers/likes cause they wanna feel famous. And act like “OMG 40k Thank you!!!!”
You ain’t fooling no one…

Here are a few ways to tell if someone has fake followers.

1-Check out the followers of this account, if hundred of followers have no profile pictures or have no content, they are fake.

2-Low in engagement: I have seen an Instagram accounts with over 30k followers but each of their posts are getting 100 likes only!

3-A sudden increase in followers:  An unusual increase in followers is the result of a buying followers. Unless you are Mario Testino

So, don’t be fooled by just looking at numbers like 60K followers. The truth is always floating on the surface, waiting to be discovered.

Photo credits: http://stopthinkmake.com/

Baron: Foodies’ hotspot in Beirut


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that discovering Beirut’s new food scene has become one of my hobbies. Last week I have discovered an amazing new hidden gem in mar Mikhayel, BARON. My favorite restaurant so far.





baron3The design is simple yet sophisticated; calm comfortable place with an open kitchen so you can see what’s cooking. From the industrial design to the sophisticated tableware and the most interesting was the food! This place is a must try for all foodies in here.





proxThe food menu is interesting, it reflects the unique personality of the place and the cuisine it is serving …all items we ordered have a special taste nothing like we taste in other places.
For starter we have ordered bacon rolls, It was amazing! I have never tasted bacon like it.
I ordered the Chilean sea bass, it was perfectly cooked and aromatic with lentils and wild thyme. Perfect match!




For Dessert i tried their Puff Cream, well presented and expertly prepared, filled with Yuzu lemon cream. Absolutely divine and really satisfied my sweet tooth

dessertExcellent service, friendly and professional. Baron, is not the cheapest restaurant in town but definitely worth the money!

Address: Mar Mikhael – Pharaon Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut -Tel;01 565199