Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dear Dubai: I am not impressed.

I've been to Dubai last month and honestly I wasn't impressed, big city without character. Dubai sells itself as a beautiful, exotic destination. I thought Dubai would be the perfect city of the middle east, new, modern architecture, tallest building in the world, the largest man-made island, and the largest shopping mall... in my opinion Dubai is overrated, and i don't understand how people,especially Lebanese, go to Dubai for Vacation?!  Dubai is definitely the city for business because the other countries of the region are unstable, however, definitely not a tourist destination! 
Don't get me wrong, I loved the serenity one feels with such discipline, and governmental managing, which is definitely not the case in Beirut, but despite that, i was disappointed...
After 3 full days, I found myself bored in the Lego city and falling again in love with #Mycity #MyBeirut
Therefore, I am not comparing these cities anymore. It is like comparing Soul to Wealth.

Friday, May 22, 2015

#FashionBox: Men's Swimwear

Men's swimsuits are an essential part of of any man's summer wardrobe. We might not have as many choices as women, but we do have several options; Whether you prefer patterns to plain or go for board shorts instead, you'll find a great range of swim shorts to boost your beachwear.

Here are my favorite:

Orlebar Brown: Tropical print swimsuit

Paul Smith Swimwear - Tailored-Fit 'Swimming Pool' Print Swim Shorts

Frescobol Carioca: Sports Copacabana large blue

Vilebrequin:The Moorea style is the original from the 70's 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lebanese contemporary designers in one place!

During my visit to Common Fest I have discovered many international artists, lebanese as well, but what caught my attention was Squad design booth.
Squad design collaborate with 10 contemporary designers in the creation of 10 different stools made out of wood, designed to fit inside a 35x35x35cm cardboard box.

Squad design is a Beirut-based contemporary furniture producer that endorses and sponsors young talents by realizing and exposing their work both at home and abroad.

I was lucky to meet one of the designers; Richard Yasmine, who spent 20 minutes explaining his artwork."calibre 32"
Referring to horology, a movement is known as a "calibre", in few words it's the "process of time".
"Calibre 32" is the wheel train transmitting the force of the power source to the escapement; in our case, back in time to the glories of Lebanese civilization, age of the old architecture and the traditional tiles rarely existing nowadays in Beirut, creating an interactive asset for a successful concept where structures, shapes, patterns materials and colors meet.

"Calibre 32" is a circular stool composed of multiple leftovers wooden pieces varying in sizes, accumulated together in order to form the base and the top using vintage joinery in an artisanal marquetry style.

This concentric combination of 32 elements makes an entire entity. The main objective of the concept is to urge our society with its different religions, doctrines, mentalities, communities, etc. to get united; once united, we make the difference keeping the wheel moving straight forward to improve.
Make sure to check out all the stools here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A candy-colored journey through Beirut

Found these nice Pop visuals while browsing VSCO blog. Photos stem from the imagination of Matt Crump, the Texas photographer known for his “candy-colored minimal,” and Ryan Houssari, Creative Director at PLASTIK Magazine in Lebanon. 
"Beirut is anything but minimal. Its tumultuous history is readily apparent in the city's war-torn architecture and bullet-ridden memorials. The streets teem with traffic, tourists, and Syrian refugees. But underneath this cluttered facade is a colorful and beautiful culture, both literally and figuratively." Matt Crump

"I’ve always imagined Beirut as a well-clothed stripper. A population of 3 million, 18 religions and 25 years of war have formed a thick social fabric – layers upon layers that have blinded us, the Lebanese, from seeing its beauty. We stripped down the Lebanese capital and celebrated its iconic landmarks and real people. Our city has never looked so vulnerable." Rayan Houssari

Here are my favorites

Friday, May 15, 2015

#FashionBox: Backpacks are back!

I always liked backpacks but never liked school, I carry a backpack pretty much everyday I recently bought a colorful Skullcandy so convenient for my work. Although it’s big enough for my office stuff, my camera and it fits a laptop. I really think everyone should get a good backpack.
The backpack continues to frequently pop up on media and magazines
I have seen some super stylish and classic ones check them out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

They Don't care...

When we’re driving in Lebanon there is no opportunity to relax, concentrating on bad roads, unforgiving terrain that changes on an almost daily basis. We’re constantly scanning the roads for some stupid pedestrians who take their time crossing the highways. We’re also constantly checking our speed limits 80/hour, because of the ridiculous new traffic law, and trying to figure out some messages on the billboards...
 Doing all this while driving. On the other hand, many of you who are not driving, are taking selfies, talking on the phone, tweeting or sharing stories on social media channels...
Why do brands still invest in billboards? Only the drivers are half watching, and others do not lift a head...

Billboards are anything but cheap in Lebanon, on a busy highway a unipol can cost up to 10.000 $  a week. And what amazes me the most is when brands create teasing campaigns before revealing the real campaign which is exactly like the ones before! I fail to understand the logic in this!
Why not creating a smart campaign on social media? it is cheaper and measurable.
Marketing has evolved, thanks to Social Media. It’s no longer enough to reach consumers. Brands now have to go one step further and engage with their customers to really stand out from competitors. Unfortunately brands are still interested in traditional tools such as print ads and boards, immeasurable campaigns that are lost in the fog of messages consumers are bombarded with every day.
How can they measure the effectiveness of the campaign?
What happens once they take the billboard down?

Anyway... Who cares?
They sure don't!  

Monday, May 11, 2015


What a smart Ad Killing the competitors!
Love It!

Friday, May 8, 2015

#FashionBox: 5 Shoes every Guy Should Own.

When it comes to men’s shoes, there are a few wardrobe essentials that will see you through every occasion. You need shoes that will get you from the gym to desk to dinner, but also something to wear on your casual weekends – Here are my favorite shoes for this season:

The oxford is the most basic and timeless of the dress shoes Whether it’s a formal event or a guy’s night out, black oxfords always fit the bill. along with an eye-catching pair of socks

Brogues are a smart-casual must have men's shoe this season, and every season to come! Wear yours with Jean, Chino...for a perfect weekend or date night look,you can team them with your tailored suit in the office too.

Boat Shoes:

The boat shoe made its comeback a few years ago. Wear them with rolled up trousers for that casual vibe, or freshen up your workwear with a pair in classic navy, an easy way to look effortlessly cool.Can't wait to get my new pairs for this season.
White sneakers:
Effortless style, the biggest trend for this season 
Or sport sneakers for men, brings high style to any outfit.
Unfortunately Nike Lebanon doesn't have all the collection.

You can find these shoes in the lebanese market:
  • Paul Smith
  • Fratelli Rossetti
  • Gavroche Kaslik
  • Superga
  • Nike

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Busy is good...

My last month was pretty busy , I was looking forward to the weekend and was planning to take it off and do Nothing absolutely Nothing. Instead I ending up reading books, taking photos, reading blogs, sending e-mails and writing this post.
Why we keep ourselves busy?
If I am not producing, doing interesting stuff learning something new I feel like I am wasting my time and I hear it from many people around me: “I don’t have time for myself”. Maybe keeping ourselves busy has a relation with happiness or success?
Well I have now a very busy schedule new projects,new plans... I don’t know if I am in the right way or not… but I am Happy. 
You're reading this post because you have free time, and you are keeping yourself busy...
Busy is good isn't it? 

Monday, May 4, 2015

My April in pictures.

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