What I learned from #TheredProjekt

At the end of 2107 I wanted to challenge myself and start a photography project. I have chosen  to take 25 pictures before christmas by capturing the RED color whenever, and wherever I come across it. No back up photos , No Repeats no Skipping and nothing in relation with Christmas.

|everything red|-|23|12|2017| #TheRedProjekt

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Getting out and explore

Being in the same places is so boring and it kills my creativity. I found that going out and exploring new places inspired me to take more photos.

I have discovered my Artistic side

Sharing my pictures every day on instagram and checking my organized feed painted in red allowed me to discover my progression as photographer and artist


|I Heart| – |13|12|2017| #TheredProjekt

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I learned to be more observative and selective.

After one week of the project  I became more focused and selective, it was easier to spot the red color, but very selective in what I shoot.

|red tubes| – |19|12|2017| #theredprojekt

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Getting Creative.

I was trying new photography style during this small project and I always tried not to imitate my own style.

| Red hot | – |04|12|2017| #TheRedProjekt

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Commitment is key

Dedication, patience and commitment  were keys to success.

💋 #TheRedProjekt

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My followers didn’t like it

I was so excited to share this project on my instagram feed, and expected that it would be a rewarding part of the project, unfortunately my followers didn’t appreciate this project as much as i did. But this didn’t stop me to continue.

|the red room| -|18|12|2017| #theredprojekt

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I personally loved this project and will definitely do it again, my next one will be shooting strangers for a month. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @Joesbox