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World Press Photo winners.

Tim Hetherington, a Vanity Fair photographer based in Britain, won the World Press Photo of the Year 2007 award with this picture of an American soldier resting at a bunker in Korengal Valley, Afghanistan taken September 16, 2007. Jury chairman of the World Press Photo 2007 contest, Gary Knight, said "This image shows the exhaustion of a man and the exhaustion of a nation, we're all connected to this. It's a picture of a man at the end of a line". The prize-winning entries of the World Press Photo Contest 2008, the world's largest annual press photography contest, were announced February 8, 2008.
Ariana Lindquist, a photographer based in the United States, won the first prize of the Arts and Entertainment Singles category with this picture of a girl in an anime character costume in Shanghai, China.
Paul Nicklen, a National Geographic Magazine photographer based in Canada, won the second prize of the Nature Stories category with this picture of arctic ivory - hunting the narwhal, Nunavut, Canada.