Monday, February 22, 2010

Anti Aging Product!

Today in the supermarket  I felt nostalgic about a triangle cartoon package of juice  from my childhood and purchase this Bonjus due to its linked nostalgic appeal . It was one of my best juices , and my best game because after finishing my juice I was blowing that rectangular package like a balloon and put it on the ground to explode it …But when contemplating  this product I was wondering if the new generation of kids  have the same excitement about  Bonjus! The color is so dull and the design is so old and not creative at all .The package is great I don’t think there is any product in the world has the same triangular shape  but  this Product needs  color some illustration  and the text to support the product position..when doing some research I knew that this Brand is aging…. 46 years… 
After 46 years this product need a lifting or redesign …When consumers stop caring about this Brand….This brand is in trouble!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Empire State of Mind, Part II

I am listening to that great song  on a daily basis, specially in the morning and back from work. A great song performed by a great powerful singing  voice and great reminds me old beautiful songs. This is the song of the year ..Enjoy it

Thursday, February 11, 2010

P.S. I Love your Design......

Finally  the limited bottle of Evian by the famous designer Paul Smith  is on sale in limited amounts  in the Lebanese market. It is a nice glass bottle with colorful stripes around the top, printed with organic ink! If you like to collect nice bottles hurry up! You can find it in any big supermarket in Lebanon for 12000 L.B.P or 9$

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tooooot Toooot Beirut

Beirut is so noisy those days because of the traffic the work on the roads… but most of all because of the horn honking . It is an addiction in Lebanon !!

So if you are in Beirut we have Horn Honking etiquette made in Lebanon only
You have to honk your horn only to:

  • Promote your political party.. Tararatata….
  • A slow driver "Get out of my way; I don't feel like slowing down."
  • Vent frustration
  • Ask “ what’s happening”
  • Show off your brand new car "Yes it is my new car! it cost me a bundle”
  • Your neighbor on the other street "Hi Dude how are you ?where are you going? "
  • To clear a traffic jam "Move Move Move am late to my work"
  • For happiness
  • For a beautiful girl walking the street "You look incredible in that short skirt."
  • When angry or happy
  • When fired or hired
  • At the red lights and green lights..

To drive in Lebanon you have to use it frequently…you will get crazy for the first week then you will get used to it and be addicted! It is cool to be Lebanese!

Friday, February 5, 2010

أ مثل اقرا / R for reading

We are Lebanese, and we are the best .. I say it to everyone in the world  everyday and in every opportunity ...but we have the worst Arabic books for children in the world! If you can go to any library and search for a nice Arabic book you can’t find any.. we have a big range of Arabic ugly oldies books with a depressing design ! On the other hand we have the best talented and creative illustrators in the world I can list some of my favorite: Habib Feghali , Hatem Hamoui, Joumana Medlej, Maya Zankoul , Maya Metni, Nadine Feghale and Zina Mufarrij…  We cant blame the new generation for not speaking or reading Arabic books …. But we have to offer them the joy for reading and discovering a nice book with new stories new design and nice illustration.
Dear Lebanese designers it is a new profitable project that you have to work on it ! We are waiting from you nice great books . Arabic books needs your special design......Hopefully in 2010!!!
I will leave you now with some illustrations for kids from my favorite French illustrator Rebecca Dautremer enjoy it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Memo game..Made in Lebanon!

I remember the game that I used to play when younger:the Memo game I loved it! Now adult I am playing that game again and again everyday on the Lebanese roads!
 If you want to play it, get into your car and drive carefully from Keserwan to Beirut. The Goal of the game is to Spot all the road holes, count them and memorize the location of each, so next time you prevent your wheels to fall into it, so you save your car and your life !It is not an easy game because after every rain a new hole will appear … you have to focus to spot it!!.

Enjoy the game!