Friday, December 31, 2010

Lessons learned from 2010

Each year provides new lessons that can help make us better resolutions for the new year. Here are lessons that I personally learned in 2010 :
  • I can't plan everything, in a world full of changes
  • I don't need everyone to be a fan or a customer
  • Small change everyday can make big difference
  • Creativity is a habit
  • Client is a king (not always)
  • Twitter is the best place to say what you want and to meet cool interesting people.
Your turn to post a list :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Best 10 Posts From 2010.

This year, I have posted many articles that I like and I am proud of , as we come to the end of this year , I want to post 10 links to the best posts of 2010.
  1. Dear Lebanese emigrant. Please SHUT UP! - Lebanese emigrant visiting Lebanon
  2. Memo Game Made in Lebanon: How to drive on the Lebanese roads.
  3. Transformers in Beirut : Destruction of the old Lebanese houses.
  4. "Global Warming" a joke :Global warming from my point of view.
  5. We Need you Now: My experience with the Lebanese HR.
  6. Tooooot Toooot Beirut : New driving etiquette only in Lebanon.
  7. Copychicken: Hawa Chicken Copycat.
  8. LeoBurnett & Exotica are missing chances! : My point of view on Leo work.
  9. Caprice:or Dinner in the Sky.
  10. I ♥ Beirut: For the Love of Beirut. 
Now it's your turn.  What has been your favorite post from my site this year? Would like to hear from you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beirut postcards .

I was searching desperately for nice greeting cards but I did not find any! the market in Lebanon is full of silly cards with Santa Claus or with a teddy bear !! Until I got a nice original cards from a talented friend  Maya, different cards with beautiful  Lebanese houses that some don't even exist anymore. I will send it to my friends for this Christmas, and with these beautiful cards I want to wish you dear readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Beirut With Love. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Joe's Box On Paper..Again!

Joe's Box is mentioned for the third time on Communicate magazine! This time Lack of Creativity was mentioned on the December issue .My friends Liliane and Tarek are getting mentioned as well!
Fellow Lebanese Bloggers listed in the magazine:
Marketing In Lebanon: Barcode Marketing in Lebanon 
From Beirut With Funk:  My Opinion About GeekFest

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bye bye Babylone

Un Livre de Beyrouth pendant la guerre, un beau livre pas comme les autres qui raconte l’histoire d’une fille de 7 ans Lamia Ziadé  et ces souvenirs à Beyrouth, de 1975 à 1979, des illustrations magnifique Pop et colores dans ce livre qui montre Beyrouth avant  et pendant la guerre.
Resumé du Livre: "En 1975, j'avais 7 ans et j'aimais les Bazookas que ma mère nous achetait, à Walid et à moi, chez Spinney's.
" Tout commence au Paradis, dans ce mirage d'Occident, le Beyrouth des années 70. Les familles aisées emplissent leurs caddies des mêmes produits de rêve qu'à Paris et New York, tandis que les miliciens de tous bords bourrent les leurs de M16, d'Uzi et d'AK47. Lamia Ziadé est cette petite fille qui observe, subit, raconte l'avancée imparable d'un conflit qui va ravager la Babylone chatoyante qui l'a vue naître.
Sous ses doigts, la guerre devient pop. Assemblage d'éclats joyeux et noirs, inventaire d'instants d'horreur et d'innocence, son roman graphique retrace l'histoire d'une ville, d'un peuple, d'un monde en proie à la folie destructrice. Un portrait lucide, grave et inédit, comme si les yeux de l'enfance avaient le pouvoir de voir plus loin que l'intelligence adulte.