Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nokia N8 review

Two weeks ago WOWworld/Nokia contacted me to try the Nokia N8 and give them my feedback about the device, I accepted in one condition giving my  honest review...  a few days later I got informed that the phone has been shipped from London.
So here is my small review of Nokia N8:
Simple design the N8 has a unibody shell that doesn’t allow access to the battery charming effective with great design.
12 megapixels camera, with xenon Flash and HD Video support , I guess this is the best camera for a cell phone it works on all conditions, you can take wonderful pictures with great color quality
The battery Life: if you use your phone not only as a phone but to check your mails browsing the web or to interact in the social media, the battery life is disappointing, the N8 battery life is not so excellent it last like 18 hours maximum
 Wifi support: Nokia auto- detect and connect to an available network
HDMI support: You can connect your phone to an HD television and watch your video/pictures
The phone run slowly in comparison to other phones
Ovi  store: you have to download the Ovi store to enjoy many applications games or social media apps

What’s Hot:
Great big screen
Extraordinary 12 MP Carl Zeiss Camera with Xenon flash
HD video recording and in-device editing software
Incredibly high quality hardware design
What’s not
Slow processor
The battery life is disappointing
P.s: I tried to contact Nokia Care Lebanon to ask about the price when writing this article but all the lines were busy - You can contact them Tel : 71- 108820
Here some pictures taken with Nokia N8 from Beirut With love 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Van Gogh in 3D

In my recent post [Did you drop your pencils] I was wondering if the handwriting is dead in this Digital age, apparently the painting is dying ! Many artists are using sophisticated programs and create amazing work with virtual brushes..I found this interesting 3D rendering  that I think it is worth sharing. Awesome 3d effect! I love it!
 Slobodan Denic from Barcelona has done a very cool render of what he thinks the room in Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles” might have looked like. 
Slobodan Denic
Vincent Willem van Gogh

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth hour

If you are in Lebanon and at 8.30 pm the electricity didn't went off turn off your lights from 8h30 to 9h30 this Saturday and lighting up a candle instead.
The great illustration is  by the talented: Hanane Kai visit her amazing  Blog Here

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My New Fotoblog .

I have always wanted  to open  a flicker account or a Fotoblog to share my pictures. When browsing Flicker I didn’t like it actually, I guess a blog gives me more flexibility to share my pictures, I believe that a fotoblog  build a personal brand more than a flicker account , in the end of the day  I started a fotoblog and suspend my flicker account, in my new blog I will share a pictures that I like . Only pictures in the box PixinB[o]x  waiting your comments !

Exotica starting a revolution?

Everyone wants to start a revolution, from Africa, middle east and of course in Lebanon,  everyone is starting a new one in the social media, exotica as well is starting a revolution on the Lebanese billboards  not a new one actually but inspired by the Yasmin Revolution in Tunisia .
 After two successful campaign this year exotica fail to lead us to a new revolution “the spring revolution" a cliche that no one will follow in my opinion  because:
1-      We  get fed up with all kind of revolutions
2-      The design of  this campaign is not so appealing to start any revolution not even to welcome the Spring.
Wait a Minute!!!  Isn't the spring revolution a Lebanese revolution at first place, back in 2005? the first revolution in the region?correct me if i'm wrong  Maybe Mustapha can help me with that!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kunhadi campaign going international !

The new Kunhadi mother's day campaign caught the attention of every Lebanese and it is going international it seems, the famous inspiration room blog, post about it as an inspiring AD for mother's day! Congratulations for Kunhadi and  M&C saatchi Mena for this great work! Read More : the inspiration room 


The Mother’s Day campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi MENA, Beirut, by Regional Creative Director: Samer Younes, Head of Art: Barry Brand, Associate Creative Director: Pierre Khoury, Senior Art Directors: Hadi Syriani and Rola Ghotmeh, Associate Art Director: Ibrahim Hamdan, Copywriters: Maral Ghanma, Nizar ElHindi and Maya Macaron, Agency Producers: Elie Zreik, Saad Kaabour and Joumana Haddad, Account Team: Shermine Hraoui, MC Hajjar and Grace Zakka.

Filming was shot by director Henri Bassil via Zoe Production with director of photography Pierre Mouarkech, producers Sami Chahine and Valerie Lahoud.
Post Production was done at VTR Beirut by editor Maria Malek. Music was composed by Philippe Khayat.

Twitter on its fifth birthday,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rejected but Happy !

Maybe you had a bad experience with the recruiters in Lebanon like me, Unfortunately, there are plenty of recruiters out there that operate without ethics and some companies that encourage that behavior . I was searching for a social media or marketing work recently in Lebanon .  I have applied for a tempting position for Mizalla. After like two weeks I was surprised receiving a rejection letter from that company by Email  with : “Position Filled”  as the title of it . I was so happy, not because I was rejected of course but because this is the first time I feel that a company respected  my time and my effort. Maybe the HR employee never saw my C.V due to the large number of candidates interested in the job,  but it shows the professionalism of this department by sending an automated email reply to all the candidates.

For unprofessional companies in Lebanon please read this:

What do job seekers want? Via: HR inc
  • Respect - Job seekers would like recruiters to respect their time and effort. It takes a lot of time to search for a job; it's a full time job. They want you to acknowledge that there's a human behind that electronic resume who is desperately seeking work and you are the gatekeeper; have mercy.
  • Communication - The number one thing a job seeker wants to know is if you've received their resume. They put a lot of work into that baby and they want to make sure it has made it into the appropriate hands. Today's technology makes it so easy to auto-acknowledge the receipt of resumes. Likewise, with mass email, responding to job applicants takes very little time. If the job is filled or the resume was received, just say so.
  • Courtesy - Sometimes we forget that candidates are also customers (or might be future customers). In marketing we know that an unhappy customer can do a lot of damage by sharing their bad experiences with others. It's the same with an unpleasant applicant experience. Not only can a bad recruiting experience destroy your employment branding efforts and taint your reputation as an employer of choice, the bad vibes might not end there and could extend to the consumer side. Have the courtesy to communicate with applicants as much as possible. They've probably applied for many jobs - your job is not the only one. Your rejection is probably not the only rejection they've gotten either. Be forthright, but be kind.
  • Time - Job seekers spend an enormous amount of time jumping through hoops - they have to. Don't waste their time. Make sure your processes are "clean" and don't ask for too much information that will never be seen or used. Test your application process and make sure it's working and not just frustrating applicants so that they turn away. Make it EASY to be an applicant and apply for your job.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The disappearance of snow in Lebanon in 2050

"Climate change can lead to the disappearance of snow in Lebanon"
"Lebanon will have a severe water shortage". Classic quotes i know.
Scientists can’t predict the weather for the next week how can they predict what the Earth's climate might be like a hundred years from now?
Anyway, enjoy the White Lebanon, pictures taken in  the cedars last weekend.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Your next summer destination

You are lost and you don't know where to go for a vacation this summer, i will help you out with two commercials for two different places that you ignore, which one do you choose? and why?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scorpions in Lebanon

According to their website,the heavy metal hard rock band Scorpions will be performing live In Lebanon . The concert is schedule to be held In Byblos 6-7 July 2011 , I am sure they will rock Byblos like a Hurricane!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Monday, March 7, 2011

Use social media responsibly

Everyone wants to take advantage from the Social media in Lebanon , IT professionals, Marketers, Designers,ONG, even some talk show hosts discovered twitter last week (mieux vaut tard que jamais).Everyone wants to raise money,everyone wants to be liked and everyone wants to have number of followers no matter what.They dm you the same event schedule 4 times a day on Facebook, they retweet every tweet  that mentions the product they are selling, they ask bloggers to promote the product/service and ask some tweeps to spam the timeline all the day. 
Honestly I am getting sick from those people who think that social media is about only getting...
You have two options unfollow or filter your timeline so you can concentrate on something more important or interests you...
Dear [Everyone] before starting your marketing strategy you have to build a relationship with your audience, it is so easy to get followers when following everyone. All you tweet about is about your product, I don’t care to follow a robot... I am expecting from you  to answer my questions , to thank me for a feedback to interact ,If you don’t you are a spammer and you will be ignored sooner or later. It is called social media, to socialize.not only to listen to your story, we have  stories to tell and we need you to listen as well, we are using social media to interact, and build relationships with real people that can give and return.Spamming your products make you lose followers, and you lose trusts, social media is a great big place enjoy it but please responsibly.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Farmville For Dummies!!!

Do we need a book for a silly game??? Should I envy these people who have plenty of spare time?
As stan Lee said , that book title is the wrong way round.[Dummies for Farmville] Via:Brand DNA