Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Box is full of Maamoul !

Happy Easter to all of you. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. My box is full of homemade Maamoul  I should keep a stock of them all year round!  I love these Lebanese cookies,Who doesn't?!!! Pistachio Maamoul is my favorite! what is yours?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twitter blocked in Lebanon!

I went to Doculand last day to print some paperwork, the employee  refused to print it  when he saw the blue bird (twitter) and called the manager, she also refused !  I hate to argue… I asked her naively if this is Jack Dorsey orders?! She didn’t answer and ask to read my document...and start reading all my case study!  Then she said to her colleague that my document  is clear to be printed !!!!Apparently she was searching for a  "Revolution"or "kidnapping" word !  I thanked her  for printing my papers and wasting my time, she said that the Lebanese authorities forbid public printers to print Twitter logo!!!  Who said that the social media revolution start on paper???!!!! 
Today I have to print some new paperwork I will try another place and definitely  I will replace the blue bird with a blue whale :O) 
Yes I hate arguing with closed-minded people!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shakira will be performing in Beirut

Shakira will be performing in Beirut, Lebanon on May 26th, when she'll bring the Sun Comes Out World Tour to the Biel Outdoors Space.Via The Tour Section

The White House

I like this house, lets say it is my dream house. Yes a dream House, because this is not a picture taken from my DSLR camera ,  But it is an art work  made by a talented 3d Artist wassim, I wanted to share it with you, for more info, or to encourage wassim drop him a line: Hope you liked it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Street Musician In Beirut

You can always find  street musicians in Paris or in any metro station in Europe.
 In lebanon you can find always annoying beggars... 
 Yesterday when wandering in Sassine square, I was so happy to find  this Lebanese musician playing all day long for the public, this is the first time I see a street musician in Lebanon !  Hope we can see soon painters, rock bands... sharing their talents on the street!
Btw: I like this quote in front of him ...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Eco Friendly Bag from Lee

“With the relevance of eco-friendly initiatives increasing every day, Lee wanted an innovative solution that would display their affiliation towards the same and also spread the message amongst their customers.
To drive the message home in a fun and effective way, we went for something a bit more inventive than just a bag made of recycled paper. The ‘Never Wasted’ shopping bag that can be reused in one way or another. Some for fun, some for function, but nothing ever goes into the trash. Not only did this make the idea long-lasting and interactive but also conveyed the message in a fascinating manner. Word spread, footfall increased and the initial production of 3000 bags went on to another 10,000.”
See More: Here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Is Money a taboo ??

Talking about money is a big taboo in Lebanon.  If you are in gathering with family and friends, nagging about the increase in oil price, the salaries in Lebanon, having expenses more than the income is a normal welcomed conversation but asking any one of them about their salaries is a big deal! In case you do, you will probably get classic answers: “enough”, “not bad”, or “kater kher allah”. They never disclose how much they spend, the price of their properties, what they do with their money, how they save it or where they invest it.

Money might be an even more taboo subject than sex, even the new generation who are more open and transparent in different topics, for them money is a big taboo and  prefer not to open the subject.

Why is that? Are they afraid to get judged by the amount of salary that they earn or about the properties they have?

Personally I don’t mind disclosing my salary. What a big deal!  my salary is mine I deserve it! I am working hard to get it and no one will take it away from me.

Please share below how much you earn, how much you spend, the prices of your properties… If you don’t  want please tell me why?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Traffic, Beer, Hats and more...

Lebanon is witnessing a huge traffic jam these two weeks, but you can’t  find any police man in the road as usual .. I was wondering if  the tourists are here ?! but it is not the season yet! or maybe because a new  fashion show  or  road holes??!! of course it is not because of the Almaza in the Dora highway!!! I wanted to know so badly the reason for that stupid traffic, it takes me from keserwan to Achrafieh like two hours! Can you believe that !!!??
And guess what? I found it!!!

The traffic starts from Dbayeh highway , because of some none Lebanese promoting the new spring Hats collection, apparently it is a Huge success!!! What makes it worse is that everyone who wants to buy, parks his car in the middle of the highways like he is in a drive-thru , chose the color, the size and of course asks for a special discount... if you are just behind him, you have to wait, you can tweet, call your friend,send a message to your boss that you are late because a fashion addict, is buying some limited edition HAT on  he road or take some pictures…[this is my case] so when he is done, we move slowly to reach Carantina bridge....

We stop here as well, to watch a "kids revolution". None Lebanese kids, starting a revolution on the road, They can block it and beg you for some money or food if you refuse they will stand in front of your car...
Justin Bieber HATES my Camera!!!!!
Do we need all this stress on the Lebanese road Mr. Baroud???

Monday, April 4, 2011

Why is “Water” Blue?

This post is a guest post on Uxsoup's blog, I would like to say a big thank you @Uxsoup .To read this post please click [Here]