Undress Yourself!

From love yourself to undress yourself sorry to jingle BELLE ! In my opinion the girl needs the bunny ears so she’ll look like ….. the famous Lindt Bunny chocolate , this ad reminds me as well  the famous cashmere AD.

Best TV Commercial for this Season

Apparently all successful Marketers are liars..... But I Liked the story!

27 slaves Working For Me

 Slavery Footprint, a new website can tell you approximately how many slaves are working hard to makes you enjoy your smart phone, wear a new T-shirt and enjoy many goods on a daily basis.This website uses a complex algorithm to calculate how many slaves work for you based on a number of questions, including how much jewelry you own, whether you’re a gadget geek,, and even whether you’ve paid for sex. Take The survey
Thank you Patrick.

Word As Image

Creative Video. Creating an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.