Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Love Blogging

I am sure you have read many articles about the importance of blogging or blogging is dead …well I have to tell you that blogging is not only important but it can change your life.
I launched my personal blog in July 2007. This event changed my life in many parts.

It gives me confidence, I am not Hemingway when it comes to writing, I do a lot of grammar mistakes, but my blog gave me that confidence to write and to express my ideas.
It helps my creativity, it is so easy to start a blog, but keeping your blog running is the hardest part….I can say that my blog keep me thinking for a new ideas and be creative …
I didn’t start a blog to make friends or to receive spam invitations and never expected to meet people through blogging but it just happens.
My blog helped me to plan right anything a new business project, to launch a new product or even to plan a party…
My blog is my place and here I can say whatever I want. I’m direct and I’m public ….
Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, pinterest are cool but my blog is home

Blogging has lead me to a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I’ve created a lot of connections, and it’s given me a way to showcase some of the work that I do.
My blog get me a job in the digital media and marketing industry last year.
My blog did change my life. It helped me to find my passion.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Guru I am not famous or making too much money,What I have is my real me and relationships with interesting people in the  industry. You never know where this may take me.

Blogging changed my life. It’s changed the lives of well known bloggers like Chris Brogan, Scott Shuman, Leo Babauta, Garance Dore, Brian Cark for the better too.

Are you ready to find out if it can improve your life? Start here  guest post on my blog.


Sandra said...

Nice as usual joesbox, add this, people are reading you not only in lebanon, and you might inspire others to start a new blog, thank you for sharing your great experience and thank you for your blog, i will send you my post asap, when i have time :)

Pascal said...

Everyone has a twitter account Facebook i and google plus but few lebanese have a great blog !! keep it up dude

Anonymous said...


Mustapha said...

Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, pinterest are cool but my blog is home

Very well put..

issam said...

certainly you are a talented person Joe, thats why you reached what you are now.your blogs are very interesting.keep walking...

Joes Box said...

@sandra: Thank you Sandra, waiting your Blogpost ASAP.
Thank you @pascal
@mustafa: Thank you for your comment
@issam: Thx so nice of you