Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Smoking.

Can't wait for the No Smoking law to take effect on monday in Lebanon!
what will be the effect of that Ban?

  • This summer, we will breath fresh air in the public places
  • We will consume more food
  • We will consume more alcohol
  • We will visit more diet centers
  • We will buy more natural health products
  • Already-booming rooftop bar in the city
  • Cafe-trottoir style will become the new trend
  • None smokers will  join the smokers outdoors
  • We will tweet less
  • We will work less and socialize more
  • We will live longer if the Lebanese authorities ban playing with dangerous bombs in public spaces.

I am sure I may have missed some points , feel free to add yours in the comment box.


MAYA said...

We will go dancing and come back smelling only sweat not cigarettttteeeeesssssss!!

MarV said...

Well said! and i agree with @maya as well :)
Cool post as usual!

sandra said...

You always have something unique inside that box!

Mustapha said...

Exciting days ahead, but my god that was an awful ad. All I could think of was the smell of sweat..