Sunday, July 29, 2012

The New WATER!

Energy drinks are now sold just everywhere, they are commonly used to enhance atletic performance, with promises promise that gives you wings, and a few manufacturers explicitly market their energy drinks as sexual energy enhancers...

A lot of people I know consume them as a soft drink replacement..
I don’t know why In Lebanon energy drink is in the rise, is it because of the ugly cans or the stupid advertisement?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Joe’s Box Turns 5 years old!

I’ve been blogging for five years this month and enjoying it a lot !
5 years is a big deal to me!
I had no idea when I started Joe's Box all the wonderful people I would meet along the way and the amazing experiences that would open up.
Thank you for reading me and leaving comments
Special Thank you to :

- Liliane:
- Rami:
- Micheline:
- Mark & Najib:
- George:
And I sincerely apologize if I’m unable to make time to visit your blogs and comment I don’t really have the luxury of time…

And again, thank you. So very, very much...
See you Soon!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

#Instamood: Pelican

Instagram is my new hobby. Almost daily I snap a few shots with my Phone, editing them a bit and sharing. Simple, quick and fun. Instagram is the great community of people that you can share your photos with, like and discover great inspiration. Every week I am going to share my best picture under the #Instamood title, you can check my profile.
Have you ever seen a pelican in Lebanon by the way?
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creativity Takes time.

Creativity takes time. If clients don't give enough time to agencies they will only come up with first ideas. To prove this hypothesis to clients agency produced a film and sent it to clients. Watch the Café Creative Golden video and share it with your clients :-)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Forced Internet Detox.

The internet has been a major part of my life for the past 5 years , I’ve learned many things, created my blog, connected with friends family and interesting people thank you to facebook and twitter… but after a long time using the net you thing that you need a small break, lets say an internet detox…
Over the past year I was trying to take 48 hours off the internet unsuccessfully!
Until last week I was forced to an Internet Detox Thank you to the Ministry of Communication.
48 hours of not being plugged,not tweeting, messaging or Googling. How was I going to do it? I am addicted to the internet, it’s where I work, live and get inspiration…
So here is a summary of how I spend my time away from the internet  or the benefit of unplugged internet
  • Taking a small break from my work
  • Reading a real newspaper
  • Watching the news to stay updated
  • Spending my time on the beach
  • Making calls and taking pictures with my smartphone
  • Sending SMS instead of tweeting
  • Reading my favorite books.
  • Using my big dictionary
  • Eating and cooking more
  • Watching TV more

At the end of the day, I know that I will be back to the internet where everyone else is. We dedicate so much of our time in front of our screens and  we need sometimes to take a break and realize that there is real life happening. We don’t want to miss it while tweeting…
The thing that is bothering me the most is that my email inbox is already at 88 unopened emails...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boho Beirut.

A guide to the Middle East’s most sophisticated city.
Boho Beirut reflect the positive energy of Beirut, this book is for everyone who wants to discover this beautiful city, Boho Beirut is not a cliché guide but it is more cultural. It is divided in different sections; interview with Lebanese entrepreneurs “tastemakers" ( Musicians, artists, architects..) and also places to shop, eat and go out.
I loved the design of the book and the amazing pictures by Tania Traboulsi!
The author of the book Shirine Saad,  is a cute Lebanese New York-based editor and journalist specializing in culture, fashion and lifestyle. She is also a blogger check out her interesting blog:

Sunday, July 1, 2012


July 1st starts the second half of the year! Summer is perfect time to reevaluate our New Year’s Resolutions. With long summer days we just might find more time to work on our goals...
Here are my top  10 summer resolutions
  • Checking my mail once a day.
  • Writing more  blog posts.
  • Discovering new places.
  • Spending more time on the beach.
  • Working only with cool clients.
  • Traveling more.
  • Reading! Right now, I have too many books to read.
  • More time for myself and my interests.
  • Going for a long bike ride.
  • I will focus more on my career goals.
What are your summer resolutions? please share it on the comment box, or on twitter using #SummerResolutions
Have a great Summer!