Monday, June 30, 2014

Looks Like Beirut.

A lot of lebanese living in lebanon or abroad always write bad things about Lebanon on the internet while foreigners who live here only write up the good stuff; weird right?

I personally think that Beirut is the best city in the MENA region, unfortunately the influence of politicians and the impact of our criminal neighbors have given us negative image.
Don’t be fooled by the negative press,  don’t listen to what anyone says. Every country has its downsides, take travel advice and suggestions for just what they are: suggestions.
Go places with a clear head and make your own decisions about them.  If I listened to negative opinions, I wouldn’t travel!

When people say Beirut isn't awesome, don't listen.


Majd said...

Nah not weird at all, they simply dont know the truth, and yeah every country has its downsides, but we dont have any upsides. We've been going down since ever.

Patrick Chemali said...

If walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck...

ChiTikTik ChiTiaa said...

So true.
Beirut is a very beautiful city and I am sure anyone can enjoy it :D