Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Please don't invite me to your wedding.

I am very happy for couples getting married, but I really hate going to the Lebanese weddings! I don't enjoy parties, the Lebanese zaffe, lousy music, or pretending I enjoy spending time with people I see once in a blue moon. Lebanese weddings are boring, every wedding is more or less exactly the same; The food is terrible, the music is always the same, the conversation is boring! What a waste of money and time! I really think a lot of people put more thought into their wedding than into whether or not they are marrying the right person. 
" Getting married is not an accomplishment, staying married is"


ChiTikTik ChiTiaa said...

so true.. Getting married is not an accomplishment, staying married is

Joe A said...

Thank you for your comment!

Visitor said...

Every time I buy a wedding gift, I ask myself in whose house it will end up after they separate or get divorced :)

Joe A said...

LOL! Good One :)

Far├Ęs said...

Spot on Joe : )

Joe A said...

Cheers :)