I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, but had always other posts in mind. However even if Vanity Fair have now preceded me, I still would like to give you my take on the situation…
You see, it’s like an addiction: I ‘ve noticed that in my most special pinterest board , 85% of these gentlemen were British! Even Dr House, the most american of British actors!
And that goes without saying, a lot of my other “hollywood/movies/series” boards are Brit as well: Oscar Wilde, Sir Hitchcock, Downton Abbey, Hell (or should I say Bloody Hell?) I even wrote a #fashionbox post about KINGSMAN the British secret service here!

Let’s make their acquaintance to try to understand, shall we? 

Matthew Goode 
Where do you know him from? The Good Wife.His films include Chasing Liberty, Match Point,The Imitation Game… But he plays Finn Polmar in The Good Wife with a perfect American accent, and an unbeatable style I dare say…
Alan Cumming Where do you know him from? Also The Good Wife! And in this case, even if Eli Gold is again American in the series, his style is as British as it gets!!

Give me some Vicodin now cause here’s Dr House!
Hugh Laurie has invaded America in such a way that he even has a Blues Band!!

And the blockbusters that you all know: even if they don’t play American roles all the time, their career is mostly American; 

Colin Firth

Jude Law

Pierce Brosnan

Hugh Jackman

Ralph Fiennes

Terrence Stamp & Jeremy Irons

AND last but not least: MY FAVORITE NEWCOMERS:

Eddy Redmayne

Benedict Cumberbatch “THE” SHERLOCK

Jonny Lee Miller the “other” SHERLOCK

Voila! I bet you did not know 1/3 of them were Brits, did you? What do we learn?? As Sir Winston Churchill once said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!” Even though he was more into heavy artillery, it’s looking quite well for these chums now! 

One last word to remember: The suit is the modern gentleman’s armor, sprinkle it with witty humor, and you’re ready to go!

Post Written by:  Maya Metni  from seenbymaya.blogspot.com whom I really enjoy working with.