20 confessions of a blogger!


When I started blogging years ago, I went through many stages that I learned a lot from. I blog because I like it and I try to have always something unique to discuss with my readers…

Here are my blogger confessions, maybe it helps you all to know me better:

  1. Photos that make it to my blog are selected from about 80 photos
  2. I am an introvert, it is easier for me to build relationships behind the screen
  3. I google words to make sure I am spelling them right
  4. Some good post ideas come to me while stuck in traffic
  5. I love what I do & I am not getting paid for blogging (unless it is a sponsored post)
  6. I hate critical comments, unless they are constructive
  7. It causes me stress if I ever run out of ideas
  8. My life is so busy and my office space is a mess
  9. I’m always thinking about what to write next
  10. I am lately obsessed about my google analytics
  11. I don’t run my blog as if it was my business
  12. My blog is my home, I say whatever I want
  13. There is always a grammar mistake, a misused or missing comma in every post
  14. I don’t read every blog out there
  15. “ I want to be a blogger so I can get free stuff” is bullshit, nothing is for free
  16. I have very few bloggers friends
  17. My blog inspired many other bloggers and that makes me happy
  18. My first name is Youssef but I don’t mind when you call me Joe’s Box
  19. I wish I was more committed to my blog
  20. I can’t use any nice product until I have taken 10 photos of it

If you are are a blogger, I would love it  if you do a confessions post as well.

Well that’s all I have for today!

  • Aline Ch.

    I don’t understand people who don’t Google words to double check spelling. Very nice post Joe, it reminds me of the early days of blogging when it felt more like a community rather than the clickbait infested land it has become.

    • I Am Glad You Liked It 🙂