B-Qa elegant middle wine range.

Back in 2005, the two brothers Karim and Sandro Saade decided to start their own wine adventure by creating Chateau Marsyas village of Kefraya, in West Bekaa. Talented winemakers, vineyard experts and an excellent storyteller came together to create Chateau Marsyas one of my favorite Lebanese wine an innovative and truly superb wine brand.

Besides its premium and renowed wine “Chateau Marsyas”, the winery launched in 2015 “BQa de Marsyas ” its second wine made according to the same philosophy and attention to detail is its “elder brother”. I was invited to discover this new wine at the launching in 2015 as I am a big fan of this well established estate. According to Sandro Saade the difference between both wines comes from the selection of parcels in the domain keeping the oldest vines for the production of Chateau Marsyas Grand Vin while the younger vines go to B-Qa de Marsyas. Blending finesse and minerality, Bqa de Marsyas is defined by rounded tannins created by 8 month gentle barrel aging.

B-Qā de Marsyas positions itself on the middle wine range segment and remains the expression of its own terroir. The wine has a beautiful presentation, rich, delicate and smooth with hints of red berries that contains cabernet sauvignon, syrah and mourvedre. On the pallet the wine is elegant and round with well integrated tannins yet smooth and chalky. 

B-Qā de Marsyas is a really good balanced wine reminds me of its bigger brother, so satisfying to drink.. I also had some echoes about the imminent launching of the BQa white vintage to be available soon.
Next time you are in the supermarket picking a new bottle of wine make sure to take Bqa with you