Falling in love with my 35mm

I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I don’t aspire to become a professional one in any way shape or form. it’s just not for me. However! What I love to do is taking photos everyday, I love photography and I love the emotions it evokes in me when I look at photos (will definitely write why i love photography soon).
From the beginning of my experience in photography 5 year ago, I always had one prime lens that i used for all occasions 24-70 mm, which is very good but it is so heavy, and traveling with heavy equipment is not the best idea.
Last month before traveling, I added a second lens to my bag, the Nikkor 35 MM f 1.8. After toying with it a little, i was stunned with the result, and i fell in love with it. Here why:

1- The Nikon 35mm 1.8G is light and compact, it is in my opinion the perfect size for steady camera use.
2- The 35mm lens can be used for almost anything: Landscapes, portraits, travel shots, macro photography, street photography, real estate photography, product photography …
3- It helps me tell a story with my photos, as seen through my eyes.
4- 35mm lenses allow you to focus close, so you can isolate your subjects with beautiful bokeh.
5- I loved shooting food with this lens; Its size lends itself to being used in restaurants.
6- The 35mm is easier to shoot in low light: it has a wider depth of field.
7- Last but not least, the 35mm made me fall in love with Photography all over again…

Enjoy some pictures, and for more updates follow me on instagram  @joesbox