10 Years of blogging!

Blogging takes dedication and lot of time which can be a challenge when you are juggling being a freelancer and other life responsibilities. There were years when I was really active on the blog and others not so much… but I’ve always enjoyed blogging.
In this post, I won’t share with you what i have learned during these 10 years or how blogging have changed my life, but how my interests have shifted during this time…
My own path has been a series of diverse motivational stepping-stones; I started my work life with a BA in hotel management followed by a masters in Marketing, 9 years in retail industry, and then, since 2010, I’ve been a social media freelancer and I don’t know where I’ll be next. My taste in music, movies, clothes, food and people changed too but some things are just timeless.  I am sure one of the reasons our tastes change is due to influences.  The people and ideas that influence us change as we go through life, so naturally our tastes change too. For the reasons listed above, joe’s box will still be a platform about my interests like blogging, freelancing, lifestyle, photography, social media but also about my life. The content will be different and some categories will disappear. Stay tuned and hope my new stories will inspire you!

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