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A7la Balad Bel 3alam

    48 hours of adventure around the snowy mountains of Lebanon; a unique documentary showing my beautiful country! Thank you to my fellow blogger Anthony Rhayel  also known as NogarlicNoOnions for this great work! what I like about Antony is that he created a brand from his blog, and always makes sure to share the positive…

The Palmyra Hotel

Hotel Palmyra in the Roman city of Baalbek hosted international figures, The hotel hasn’t closed since it opened in 1874, I found this interesting interview with the Owner Rima Husseini, check it out! I would love to check in and discover this place full of history and memories. Via: The Great Big Story  

Dewars Succeed With Influencer Marketing

Many Brands are partnering with influencers to promote their services or products, to increase reach, brand awareness and revenue, plus this will add credibility to the products they promote.. Johnny Walker Lebanon did that years ago and I just saw some cool videos going viral on my facebook feed. Dewars Lebanon teamed up with different…