I am Busy!


My last month was pretty busy!  I’ve been away  for  weeks working on different projects.  I don’t know what i have missed while I’ve been away. I will definitely find out when I go back to my routine, maybe next year!

Love this Note by Nike!

ATIBAIA, another great Lebanese wine


As you might know, I am a wine lover; I dived with pleasure into this tasty world recently and I’ve discovered some interesting Lebanese labels.
Unfortunately the greatest Lebanese wines are not much known in Lebanon, perhaps because they are not widely retailed, whereas the “blockbusters” you see everywhere do not represent the richness of the Lebanese Terroir. Did you know there are more than 80 different ones? I think they are worth exploring.
ATIBAIA, is the one I’ve discovered this year. In my opinion this is the best so far, La creme de la creme. Atibaia stands out from all the other Lebanese wines, with great aromas of red fruits, and it is elegant and nicely balanced. Since I am still a wine amateur, I asked my friend’s opinion about this great wine. Salim Heleiwa is a wine connoisseur and was cool enough to give me this small interview to share with you!
Make sure to try this amazing wine, It’s a keeper.

Confessions of a freelancer!


Going freelance has been enlightening and I have never been happier both in my business and personal life.  But before you quit your Job you should know that we freelancers work very hard. It might look that we have so many free time, but we don’t. Not everything is sunshine, there are also big challenges to face when you work as a freelancer…

Here are my confessions:

1- I don’t work with my pajamas on, it is important for me to dress for success
2- I take my work very seriously
3- I am horrible at managing my folders and archiving my old files
4- I am always hustling
5- If i need motivation, I plan my next trip
6- I like to have multiple sources of income
7- Freelancing makes me hustle even more
8- Discipline is everything while you are freelancing
9- I have only one day off in the week to refuel
10- I always discuss ideas and concepts with my fellow Lebanese freelancers and i always return the favor
11- Sometimes I work for free for two months before getting paid
12- I definitely work more than any employee…
13- I struggle with boring projects
14- It is hard to price a project; I am always stuck between how much the job is worth and the client’s budget
15- Some of my clients expect me to work 24/7 ( this particular client will pay me a month late)
16- I don’t miss my corporate life at all
17- I am always thinking about my work, even when instagraming that delicious cake
18- New projects or new campaigns keep me awake most of the nights

Are you freelancer? Share your confessions.

#FashionBox Dior Homme Cologne


I don’t feel like wearing something too daring or loud on my daily routine. This cologne is what i need, casual yet stylish. Dior Homme cologne is what i need. A delightful fresh light cologne not to make a bold statement. Very fresh, it has the right balance of citrus, floral and musky accords, it reminds me of summer days.
This is officially my perfect  fragrance for this season.